Photos-On-Air 1.1
 for Android smart phones and tablets

Photos-On-Air in Google play store

  27 June 2015

The mobile companion of AutoPrint


Photos-On-Air sends photos taken on your smart phone or android tab instantly to your desktop computer or laptop via WiFi. From there the picture is either saved, printed or simply shown full-screen without any interaction. All you need on your computer is AutoPrint. A free version is available.  Great program couple for:

- Birthday or anniversary events
- School's out celebrations
- Restaurant Thank-You gift cards
- and many, many more occasions ...

Main features:

- Fast and straightforwarded connection to AutoPrint via WiFi
- Easy-to-use menu, optimized for smart-phones and tablets
- Photos can easily be sent to the computer and processed by AutoPrint
- Printing / showing can be performed instantly without user-interaction
- Offline usage possible: take photos first, send them later when connected

After entering the IP-address or computername and port of your AutoPrint-computer, Photos-On-Air automatically connects to
AutoPrint and is ready to beam your photos! You can find a detailed connection guide within the app itself.

Thank-you gift cards

System requirements: 

- Android 2.3 or higher
- Mobile device build on Neon CPU architecture
- For using the Photos-On-Air app please check
our Google play web-site. Here your mobile devices will be listed..

Version history & Bug fixes:

1.1 first public release


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