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AutoPrint 3.20
for Windows XP/Vista/7/8
since 1998

  4. March  2016

Project is discontinued - Please step over to AutoPrint  6.xx

The latest and the future release versions 6.02++ now combine the desktop features of this former Standard series 3.20 and the much more powerful print-channel system of our Professional version into one new application.
This allows a much faster adaption of user suggestions and development of future upgraded versions.

There are still the 3 licensing options: Free, Standard and Pro.
Already purchased licenses remain valid in AutoPrint 6.02 and all future versions.

AutoPrint automatically batch prints nearly any printable file, including several standard bitmap graphic file types.

+ Good old DOS-jewels now have - if print-file output is possible - access to one or more Windows-printers. 
+ Optionally for each printer one or more optional static ESC initialization strings may be defined.
+ Access any shared printer in your local network.
+ Transfer BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF(including multi-page) and G3N bitmap image files to any Windows-printer.
+ Multiple standard page layout setups can be defined for each printer.
+ TXT and RTF files are transferred through a Windows canvas.
+ PDF are printed directly
+ MS Word DOC files and similar documents like WRI or WPD can be printed through MS Word or equivalent
+ After successful output the print-files are deleted automatically or saved in a certain folder. 
+ AutoPrint optionally runs minimized in the system tray

How AutoPrint works: 
AutoPrint runs in the background on a local workstation or on a LAN server. On a dedicated computer one or more special file folders are assigned - depending on the number of printers to address through AutoPrint. 
Each folder is reserved as a file container for one of these printers, multiple folders for one singular printer are also possible. These folders may be defined as public and are so far accessible for by all operating systems within the local network. Some user-application now sends a file to print (e.g. dosapp.prn) into one or more of these folders. 
AutoPrint will pick up this file and send it to the corresponding printer and delete it finally.

Text-files (*.txt) and Rich Text formatted files (*.rtf) are handled by AutoPrint directly.

Image-files (*.bmp, *.jpg, *.tif, *.gif *.g3f) are also converted and transferred by AutoPrint.

The printout of pure ASCII text-files (like *.bat, *.ini, *log) will be done with the printers standard build-in font or - if defined - with an alternative internal printer font defined by an individual initialization string. 

PDF-document-files are printed through a linked native rendering engine

MS Word documents (*.doc) and related files are printed through MS Word. Therefore MS Word or an equivalent application like Word Viewer must be installed on the same computer if this file type shall be handled.

Raw print-files (like *.prn or any other) have to be built for a certain printer type. That means, the generating application has to deal with its internal printer drivers first

How to register AutoPrint: 

The unregistered version stops its activity after each 10 print-out. 
However, the program may be started as often  you like. In this way AutoPrint is FREE for occasional users and no registration is necessary.

AutoPrint can be registered for unlimited operation for only

US$ 35.-

You will need one license for each installation. If you install AutoPrint on a network server just one license is necessary. Therefore a server installation may be more interesting than multiple workstation installations.

The easiest way is to register online through our partners
regnow or share*it!, many payment options are available.
For alternatives or discounts please contact us via


The file aprinti.exe is a self-executing archive.  Please copy this file into any temporary folder on your hard disk. Then launch this program and follow the instructions. After successful installation you should save the original setup file for later use. 

As standard in Windows: System-Control-Software-AutoPrint <Remove> 

Version history & Bug fixes:
- new Adobe Reader 8 support added
- minor improvements - version not published
- enhanced robustness in faulty environments
- modified, more flexible print-folder handling
- printer config settings now stored in a separate folder
- GIF file format included
- optional pop-up window for changing the number of copies to print
- bug-fix: aspect scaling errors on some bitmap prints
- TIF-file support updated (colored multi-page files)
- Enhanced image preview options
- Direct PDF-printout. Adobe remote calling is left as an option.
- bug-fix: Adobe call option enabled
- bug-fix: MS-Word 2010 printing updated
- PNG-graphic file printing added
- PDF-module updated: now prints pw-protected files and
  and provides several quality improvements
- PDF-module updated: improved rendering quality
- PDF print-file name passed to Windows printer spooler
- PDF-module updated: improved stability

System requirements: 
- Windows XP/Vista/7/8
- MS Word or equivalent if DOC-printing is needed
- Pentium compatible CPU or higher 
- Sufficient disk space for temporary storage of the intermediate print-files 

Special notes for updaters:

The update from all registered previous versions is free! Your previous settings including the registration status will be maintained. Install the new version into any new or existing AutoPrint directory, uninstall is not necessary.

Since the release of AutoPrint 3.xx the feature running AutoPrint as a background  Windows service is removed from the package. Due to the access restrictions to running user-level applications like MS Word or Adobe Acrobat from the level of a service, AutoPrint needs to be launched as an interactive application.
If you prefer AutoPrint running as a service and you do not need to print doc-files you may check with AutoPrint Professional.

If you were previously running AutoPrint 2.xx as a NT/2000/XP-service, you need to stop it’s activity first, then remove the service installation, before installing the new version. The service may be stopped and removed from within the old version 2.xx when launched as a visible application.

If you have experienced problems with pdf-printing via AutoPrint calling an Adobe application, it is recommended updating to the latest AutoPrint version. Check it thoroughly before going to buy a license (see also item 3 in the FAQ area).

(C) Reiner Krump 1998-2016
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