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AutoPrint    6.05
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for Windows 7/8/10/Server 2003/2008/2012

Photos-On-Air details

The mobile companion of AutoPrint

You are facing one or more of these challenges ?  

- You’d like to send text or graphic files directly to a certain printer but you don’t
  want to open and operate huge applications first
- Your non-Windows-application runs perfectly, but printing through the Windows
  LAN challenges. 
- You are frequently receiving text or graphicor PDF files and you don’t have the
   time to print them all manually file by file.
- Your incoming files need to be printed without any user action.
- Your mobile device photos need to be presented or printed instantly (one click)

  12 February 2017

This latest and the future release versions 6.02++
of AutoPrint now combine the desktop features of the former AutoPrint series 3.20 and the much more powerful print-channel system of our AutoPrint Professional versions into one application.
This allows a much faster adaption of user suggestions and development of future upgraded versions.



AutoPrint automatically batch prints nearly any printable file, including many standard bitmap graphic file types, if preferred without any
user interaction.

+ PDF documents are printed without the need of external applications
+ Send BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, TIFF (including multi-page) bitmap image files to any installed Windows-printer.
+ TXT LOG or similar raw text files are transferred through a Windows canvas.
+ Multiple standard page layout setups can be defined for each printer.
+ After successful output the input print-files are deleted automatically or saved in a user defined folder. 
+ AutoPrint runs as full-size application, minimized to the system tray or as an unattended Windows32 service (Professional license)
+ Optionally add watermarks and header or footer text lines, including page numbers, file names and more.
+ Access any shared printer within your LAN or WAN.
+ Print preview for graphic files including skip options
+ AutoPrint acts as a receiving host system for Android mobile devices.Install our
Photos-On-Air app and there is only one
   click left to show, store or instant-print your photos via WiFi.

How AutoPrint works: 
AutoPrint runs in the background on a local computer or on a central Windows server system. On any connected computer one or more special file folders are assigned. Each folder is dedicated as a input file container for one of these printers, multiple folders for one singular printer with different driver settings are also possible. Any of these folders may be defined as public share to make it accessible for file by any operating system within the local or remote network. 
Some user-application now sends a file to be printed (like Invoice.pdf or dosapp.prn) into one or more of these folders. 
AutoPrint will pick up these files and send them to the corresponding printer or screen and finally delete or store them.
If the storing destination leads to another pre-defined folder the files are led to the next printer and so on.

Text-files (*.txt) files are handled by AutoPrint directly.

Image-files (*.bmp, *.jpg, *jpeg, *.tif, *.tiff,  *.gif *.png) are processed and transferred by AutoPrint.

The printout of typical ASCII text-files (like *.bat, *.ini, *log) are printed with a font as choosen by the user. 

PDF-document-files are printed through an internal rendering engine without the need of any external application.

Raw print-files (like *.prn or any other) have to be built for a certain printer type. That means, the generating application has to deal printers internal language first!

There are 3 license options available:

AutoPrint Free

The unregistered version can be used for free without time restrictions. However, it stops its activity after each 25 print-outs, but the program can be started as often you like. Most of the features are enabled, which gives you the opportunety to thoroughly test AutoPrint before possibly upgrading to a higher license type.

AutoPrint Standard License (35 USD)

The program options after registering to the AutoPrint Standard license compare to the former AutoPrint 3.20 and earlier versions.
You will need one license for each computer.

AutoPrint Professional License (89 USD)

The program options after registering to the AutoPrint Professional license compare to the former AutoPrintPro line including an unlimited number of print-channels and the Windows service option..

You will need one license for each computer. If you install AutoPrint Professional on a network server also just one license is necessary.


The easiest way is to register online through our partner MyCommerce (former ShareIt, instant key delivery), many payment options are available. For more information see the MyCommerce customer care FAQsFor alternatives or discounts please ask

Please always thoroughly test the free version within your target  system environment before buying a license.


System requirements: 
- Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2008 and higher
- Sufficient disk space for temporary storage of the print-files and temporary
  rendering data
- For using the Photos-On-Air app please check the GooglePlay web-site.

The file autoprintproinstall.exe is a self-executing archive.  Please copy this file into any temporary folder on your hard disk. Then launch this program and follow the instructions. 

As usual in Windows: System-Control-Software/Programs click AutoPrint and then deinstall. 

Version history & Bug fixes:
4.03 First public release
6.02 Print-channels can fed by Android mobile devices via Photos-On-Air
        Print-channels can send graphic output to your monitor screen
        Completely rebuilt user interface
        Preview window for graphic file printing
        Enhanced graphic settings options
        Support of label and photo printers
        Direct control of printer paper sizes
        The usage of the Windows GDI+ can be disabled for PDF-printing.
        PDF-document imbedded printer settings, like duplex print mode,
        are now optionally passed through by AutoPrintPro.
        Printer spooler load can be controlled for each channel individually.
        Improved error checking when utilizing special printer-driver parameters
        Delete button added to reset to default printer-driver parameters.
        TXT-files are now sent through an improved rendering unit, various
        settings (font, borders and paper format) are possible.
        Scheduler added to allow daily activity settings for each channel
        Updated PDF-rendering unit.
Major Bug fixes:
        Empty print-files are ignored for printing
        Bitmap-files with inconsistent parameters no more crash AutoPrint
        TIFF- and JPEG-files are now recognized as graphic files
        Activated but disconnected folders could let AutoPrint crash - fixed.
        Print orientation mismatch in some setup combinations
        Special driver settings can now handle larger driver records
6.03 Graphic files can automatically be centered on paper
        Bug-fix: Multipage PDF-file don’t drop error messages any more.
6.04 Updated internal PDF-rendering unit
        More flexible layout scaling on the application main page
        Added direct information and help links on the About window
6.05 Updated internal PDF-rendering unit:
        Contains several speed improvements and some bug fixes related
        to PDF-data processing
        More flexible layout settings on the setup tab:
       (1) Any individual paper size beyond the printer driver defaults can be
       (2) AutoPrint can be set to ignore the current printers paper size
       Both also help managing situations when printer-drivers are not
       accepting commands.
       (3) Complete log files can be frequently saved without truncation .

Latest beta version:
From time to time you may be able to download the latest beta
version here.
If available this link is active and directed either to the ready compiled program file AutoPrint.exe or to a complete installation package. These file(s) may directly be copied over your existing installation. Make sure to have installed the full version first and quit its operation. A possible registration remains as is. Also the setup configuration is unaffected.
Anyway, we can not guaranty that a beta version would work as expected.
You may save the previous AutoPrint.exe-file in case you want to restore the old situation..

Special notes for updaters:

Updating from AutoPrint Standard versions 3.20 and below:

Your current license key set will accepted by AutoPrint 6.02 or higher

Updating from any AutoPrint Pro versions before 6.02 FR

Please stop and then uninstall a possibly running AutoPrintPro Windows service. Then you need to uninstall the main application

If you like to re-import your former print-channels you need to safe the AutoPrintPro.apc file (in C:\ProgramData\AutoPrintPro) before uninstalling the former version. Then rename it to AutoPrint.apc and copy it to C:\ProgramData\AutoPrint after the installation of your new version.

Please also see the latest Readme.txt which comes with the installation for further notes:

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