Drop2Mail 2.08
for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP 

5. October  2009

Now free !

You know one of these problems ?  

- You often send e-mails to a certain person or group of persons.
   Climbing through your e-mail client program again and again is wasting your time.

- Sending from your office application needs to open and re-open and fill your e-mail client

- Your DOS-application is not able to drop messages through the e-mail network.

- Your can't send mails from your non-Windows computer.

Here is the solution: 

Drop2Mail automatically sends any kind of file to any predefined group of e-mail recipients:

+ Files can be sent just by drag&drop or "Save as...".
+ No other e-mail client application needs to be activated.
+ Even DOS- or other non-Windows applications can submit e-mails through a Windows network.
+ Production controllers and other non-personal-computers now can notice you via e-mail.
+ Automatically generated e-mails can be sent !
+ Local and internet mail recipients can be addressed !
+ The content of raw text files is transfered into the standard e-mail text window.
+ After successful sending the e-mail-files are deleted automatically
+ Works optionally as WindowsNT/2000/XP-service

How does Drop2Mail work ? 

Drop2Mail runs in the background on a local Windows workstation or server as well.
On the dedicated system one or more file folders are defined - depending on the number of groups of e-mail recipients.
These directories can be made public and are then accessible for DOS-applications and others.
The local user-application transfers a file to be mailed into one or more of these folders. 
Drop2Mail picks up this file, sends it to the predefined address or to an address which can be found included in the actual text-file ....and deletes it finally. 

How to register Drop2Mail:

The downloaded unregistered version stops its activity after each 5 mail actions. However, the program may be started as often and as long you like. 

You now may convert Drop2Mail into the unlimited mode for free by entering the following registration code:

1st Name   (Company Part 1)=Free Version
Last Name (Company Part 2)=Lucky
Registration code=1898231

Requirements for Drop2Mail program: 

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Access to a local SMTP-mail server via TCP/IP (permanent or dial-up)
Pentium processor or higher 
750 kByte free disk memorySufficient disk memory for the temporary storing the files to be mailed

Requirements for the computer generating the mail information: 

Access to the Drop2Mail-directory - locally or via remote network connection

How to install: 

The file dp2ml201.exe is a self-executing setup-archive. 
Please copy this file into any temporary directory on your hard disk. 
Then launch this program by double-clicking and follow the instructions.
If updating, use the same program path as for the previous version.
After successful install you may save the original setup-file to a save place for later use. Additional on-line help is given within the program.


Drop2Mail can be optionally installed as a invisible Windows service. Please see on-line help.


As usual in Windows: SystemControl-Software, Drop2Mail <Remove> 
Alternatively you can click the Uninstall-icon in the Drop2Mail-group.

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