Updating from version 6/7 to version 8     

AutoPrint version 8 is the result of a complete software redesign. All setup information, like print channels and license data, is now organized in a dedicated SQL-database for fast and reliable access. Normally, all previous print channels and license information will be imported into the new version by just one click.

The out-of-the-box installation of the latest version 8.x package is being placed into a new, individual program folder AutoPrint8. This allows keeping the former version 6/7 on hand as a solid backup during the migration work. Both major versions can run concurrently, provided that the print-file input folders differ.

Notes: AutoPrint as Windows service
If you had created a Windows service out of a previous version, the new installer will stop this service during its work. This shall prevent possible conflicts caused by concurrent access to a print channel input folder. Finally you should uninstall the old service once the new version is operating as expected.

Download the latest AutoPrint install package, run the execution file and follow all option levels. Finally launch the process.


Start the new AutoPrint version through the new desktop icon. Do not launch it with elevated privileges (as admin), otherwise AutoPrint would create a setup that can be edited by admins only.
As running for the first time, AutoPrint will open its setup window, asking you to confirm the data import:

Confirm the action by clicking the ‘YES’ button. Finally save your “new” settings by clicking the ‘Save changes’ button on the top right.
Usually the main app will now immediately start running the print channels and you are done by closing the setup window.

STEP 3 - only if coming from a former Professional version using Special driver settings

If you were using individual printer settings per print channel, you may make sure that all settings have been correctly imported into version 8.
First select a print channel and then hover over the ‘Printer settings’ icon. This brings you to the relevant setting tab.

Now you can enter the known system printer settings dialogue. Adjust all relevant print-page settings, confirm and close the dialogue.
After another click on  ‘Save changes’ the print channel will be immediately restarted with the new settings.

STEP 4 Uninstall former version - optional
After successful import and testing of all print channels you may want to  uninstall the former AutoPrint version 6/7.
This can easily done through the normal Windows-Programs dialogue.
Take care: If the former version had created a Windows service, you first have to stop/uninstall this service through the former versions ‘AutoPrint general setup’ tab.

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