IC 0003

Print channel control by command-line messages - Option

AutoPrint is prepared to receive some basic control messages via command-line. Once AutoPrint has started you can send one of the following commands:

  PC_ON number    switch on the print channel number for normal operation

  PC_ON1 number  switch on the print channel number for a single print-job operation, the print channel will go back to pause after the print-job

  PC_OFF number  switch off the print channel number

Example:  “C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoPrintV8\AutoPrint8.exe” PC_ON 3 will activate print channel 3 for job processing.


After one or multiple print files have accumulated in a certain input folder, you can remote control which print channel will do the next job(s).
In this way you can individually decide which printer or which setup is best matching to the next print result.


 - AutoPrint Professional license is activated (The Free license also works for evaluation purpose).
 - AutoPrint version 8.10.1. or higher is running as desktop application with a user logged-in (service will not respond to any command-line).