IC 0120

The Main Control screen

This is the right area on the AutoPrint application main window.
If AutoPrint is active, but minimized, you can get back here anytime, by clicking the AutoPrint icon at the bottom right in the Windows system tray area.

 1  The Main Control screen is your basic cockpit to control the general activity on/off-state, while receiving all important process messages.
Once all print channels are configured and thoroughly tested, you normally will not keep monitoring the application and click it into the minimized state.


 2  Activity on/off-switch
Set all AutoStart print channels into inactive/active state. The default state after startup of the application is on for all relevant print channels.
The function works on all print channels, that are marked as Autostart (default as well). The Autostart property can be changed in the AutoPrint Setup area.

 3  Logging panel

Logging information is written here during startup and while your print channels are running. This can help you or the support team, if there arise any questions.
With the Max details button  4  activated, AutoPrint will provide additional process information.

 5  System resources monitor

In productive environments you may activate multiple print channels for concurrent print processing. Serving as a guide the two gauges provide live information about the current CPU and system memory loads. If a bottleneck is indicated, you may activate some of the provided system monitoring parameters in the AutoPrint Setup area.

 6  License state

While operating with the Free license, there is a limited number of print jobs per day.

 7  AutoPrint Setup
The Setup Button leads to the heart of AutoPrint. Here all print channels are defined and necessary settings are made.
In the opposite to former versions, you can leave AutoPrint running active while doing the setup work or later modifications. Only the modified print channels are being restarted after saving the new parameters.

AutoPrint in detail