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Final release full installation package (base setup for all 3 license types)

Version 6.05


Next version pre-release full installation package

Version 7.01 PR2


Next version pre-release execution file (zipped AutoPrint.exe)

A former installation of one of the two full packages above is required

Version 7.01 PR2


User manual

Version 6.05


System requirements: Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2008 / 2012

AutoPrint version history

6.02  Print-channels can fed by Android mobile devices via Photos-On-Air

       Print-channels can send graphic output to your monitor screen

       Completely rebuilt user interface

       Preview window for graphic file printing

       Enhanced graphic settings options

       Support of label and photo printers

       Direct control of printer paper sizes

       The usage of the Windows GDI+ can be disabled for PDF-printing.

       PDF-document imbedded printer settings, like duplex print mode, are now optionally passed through by AutoPrintPro.

       Printer spooler load can be controlled for each channel individually.

       Improved error checking when utilizing special printer-driver parameters

       Delete button added to reset to default printer-driver parameters.

       TXT-files are now sent through an improved rendering unit, various settings (font, borders and paper format) are possible.

       Scheduler added to allow daily activity settings for each channel

       Updated PDF-rendering unit.

       Major Bug fixes:

       Empty print-files are ignored for printing

       Bitmap-files with inconsistent parameters no more crash AutoPrint

       TIFF- and JPEG-files are now recognized as graphic files

       Activated but disconnected folders could let AutoPrint crash - fixed.

       Print orientation mismatch in some setup combinations

       Special driver settings can now handle larger driver records

6.03 Graphic files can automatically be centered on paper

       Bug-fix: Multipage PDF-file don’t drop error messages any more.

6.04 Updated internal PDF-rendering unit

       More flexible layout scaling on the application main page

       Added direct information and help links on the About window

6.05 Updated internal PDF-rendering unit:

       Contains several speed improvements and some bug fixes related

       to PDF-data processing

       More flexible layout settings on the setup tab:

      (1) Any individual paper size beyond the printer driver defaults can be defined

      (2) AutoPrint can be set to ignore the current printers paper size

           Both items also help managing situations when printer-drivers are not accepting commands.

      (3) Complete log files can be frequently saved without truncation.

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