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What AutoPrint can do for you

The main purpose of AutoPrint is automatic batch printing of PDF, plain text or bitmap image files in many particular layouts and types for your personal use cases.
The file processing is done without any user interaction and supports your workflow in many different ways. You can address any installed Windows printer, including LAN or WAN attached printers.

PDF documents and any BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, TIFF (including multi-page) bitmap image files are processed without the need of external applications. TXT, LOG, or other native text files are transferred through a Windows canvas and thereby can be printed the way you define.
Optionally add
watermarks, QR-code or barcode patterns, header or footer text lines, including page numbers, file names and more.

Multiple page layout setups can be pre-defined for each accessible printer.
After the successful output the input-files are deleted automatically or moved to user defined folders. These also contain local sync-folders created by cloud services, e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive, which allow you to save your documents in your favorite cloud space after printing them.

AutoPrint runs as a desktop application, visible or minimized to the system tray or as an unattended Windows32 service (Professional license).


How AutoPrint works

The In order to understand the basic operating principle and to get the most of all below described features, please carefully read this short paragraph.

AutoPrint continuously monitors pre-defined file input folders, local or remote, for printable files, locks them for processing and sends their contents to corresponding printers. Finally, the input files are deleted or stored into a separate folder. If the storing destination leads to another input folder the files are passed to a next printer and so on.

Print channel

The combination of a file input folder, an optional set of individual image processing parameters and an assigned printer spooler setup is called a print channel.

Setup of a print channel

Each print channel allows a bunch of individual printer and page settings, scheduling, and final file handling definitions. Depending on the license version you may define as many print channels as you need.

Fast Lane - Create a new print channel

Congratulations! You successfully installed AutoPrint, and you already have started the application.
For the most use cases there are only a few steps left until AutoPrint can start its operation.

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