IC 0007

Installation and license registration

The installation of AutoPrint is straightforward. The installer cares for a possible previous version, which may exist on the computer.
Former print channels, the system configuration and the license level are usually imported into the new version without any user action.

Special care is only recommended if you are updating from one of the following basic version families:

=> Updating from version 6 or 7
=> Updating from any version below 8.10

STEP 1 - Download the latest version
Please get the installer only through the original download page. Although there are many alternative sources, it can happen that you will pickup an outdated version.

STEP 2 - Install AutoPrint
In your opened download folder find and launch the installer package named autoprintproinstall.exe.
Follow the instructions and accept the license agreement.

STEP 3 - Complete your  license key set
Open the AutoPrint - Setup window through the main application screen Setup button on the top right.
To enter the related area just click the About & License button.


 1   Here enter the 1-line serial key, which was provided from Paddle during the online purchase (leave the following lines empty),

 2   … or if purchased through MyCommerce, enter the 3-lines code set into the related fields in the bottom panel (leave the upper Paddle line empty).

       => Finally click the Confirm … button in order to verify the license entry.

 3   If you need to remove the licence information from the computer, just click the Clear license button.

NOTE: If anything should go wrong throughout the licensing process, just reach out to us and we are sure to find a solution.

NOTE: If you need to move your  AutoPrint license to another computer, just remove the valid license as shown above, and finally enter the code set into the new installation setup.

Installation guide