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Full installation package (common setup file for all 3 license types)

Version 8.7.1


Next version pre-release installation package

Version 8.6.3

not available

Former version 7 full installation package (closed development state)

Version 7.07


User manual  

Version 8.01


System requirements: Windows 7/8/10/11 or Windows Server 2016/2019/2022

AutoPrint version history

8.7.1  New: Regular Expression (RegEx) filter for pre-selection/exclusion of input files (option)

         New: Print job file order can be set to none - FiFo - date - name (option)

         Fixed: file names with leading numbers could randomly freeze a print channel

         Fixed: service install exe-path text back in quotation marks

         Minor GUI improvements, after-print work settings moved to printer settings tab

8.6.2  New: execution of an application-file/link added as possible error notification action (desktop-application mode only)

         New: static range of print-pages can be preset (print channel option for TIF/PDF multipage-documents)

         New: defined pause after each print process (print channel option)

         Fixed: encryption DLLs were not supplied through installer (email-host addressing)

8.6.1 Redesigned main GUI for a more informative print channel monitoring

        New: comprehensive live-help system added to the setup area

        New: barcode and QR-code objects can be added to all printed pages

        File sorting function improved (was disturbed after processing error situations)

        File mask including wildcards can be added to input file folders

        Latest Windows access policy updates do no more affect AutoPrint, when operated from different user accounts
        Improved: printer/spooler error messagages are being reported more detailed

        Improved: temporary printer access issues are now being handled more relaxed, rather than burst-firing error messages (E400)

        Fixed: input files were ignored after a temporary printer access (E400) recovery

        Further improved stability in high latency and web-based environments

8.5.1 New: a static input file name can be defined

        New: HTML file type added to the scope of processed input file types

        Input files are being sorted by name at print channel operation start

        Operation under limited user account improved

        Different service owner accounts are better supported

        Virtual machines added to license agreement

8.4.3 Input file names containing "~" characters are optionally accepted

        Improved local database stability under high concurrent load conditions
        More relaxed error handling during network delays

8.03 Smaller setup window supports legacy server monitors

       Process logging into local file AutoPrint.Log
       Improved stability in high latency and web-based environments
       Accepting quote characters in file names

8.01 New: completely rebuild processing engine for further improvement of speed and overall stability

       New: multithreading and parallel processing kernel enables new speed dimensions on today’s multi-core CPUs.
       Print jobs are now being started instantly on file input rather than one job after the other.

       Each printer can be fed concurrently by multiple print-channels.

       Each print-channel can hold individual printer settings, like number of copies, paper size, print quality or output tray selection.
       This feature is now included in all 3 license types.

       New setup GUI for easier and faster print-channel creation.

       Live setup: during setup work the current print-channel processes remain active.

       No more desktop flickering on print-channels addressing different printers (application mode)

       Improved live processing monitor, for both, application mode and service mode

       New email notification option provides periodic and/or instant reporting on process summaries and eventual errors.

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