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Final release full installation package (common setup for all 3 license types)

Version 7.07


Next version pre-release or patch-update execution file
First install the final release full package above. Then replace the execution file by the pre-release.

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User manual

Version 7.07


System requirements: Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2012/2016/2019

AutoPrint version history

7.07  Input file path name can be entered manually in order to include network drive as local share names, like N:\AutoPrintFiles

       Header/footer line variable <T> added to include time stamps

       Bitmap layout settings can be previewed basing on an user-selected graphic file

       Monitoring of possible OS resources lacks with self close/restart of application or stopping the running service (option)

       Fixed: possible program termination while scanning network folders for file-age sorted printing

       Several minor improvements and bug fixes

       Removed option: PDF-rendering through separate threads

7.06  Updated internal PDF-rendering unit:

          Adopts state-of-the-art PDF-standard enhancements

         Contains some bug fixes related to PDF-data processing

       Printer page order can be set to reversed (PDF-files only)

       Advanced layout settings for raw text files:

         Codepage identifier if text is based on an ANSI character set

          Line spacing variable rather than 1.5 fixed
7.05  Optimized PDF-dataprint job organization:

       All pages of a multipage document are collected to one spooler print-job, when processed through intermediate bitmap graphics.

       Bug fix: minor memory leak fixed (eventually relevant after printing of thousands of documents, in Versions from 7.01 to 7.04).
7.04  Exchanged internal PDF-rendering unit, now from PDFium:
          Contains further speed improvements and adjustments related to recent PDF-standard developments

         Zero-length input files are being ignored (as option)

       Text input files can be interpreted as UTF16-LE type

       Print processing can be limited to selected types of input files

       Several further minor improvements and bug fixes
7.03  TIF-files rendering unit exchanged for improved compatibility and printing quality
        Random blank pages issue while printing multi-page TIF-files fixed

       Several further minor improvements

7.02  Windows user default printer can be selected for print channel
        Reduced setup window size supporting small size monitors

       Several further minor improvements and bug fixes

7.01  Print channel activity monitoring in the AutoPrint main screen

       Input-files may be drag&dropped directly from other file listings

       PDF-files may now be rendered down to the physical target printer bitmap size, resulting into higher processing speed and quality,

        especially for vector based drawings

       New internal bitmap processing level introduced resulting into new and more flexible scaling and merging options

       Semi-transparent (alpha-channel png-files) watermark images and borders can be added to the main graphics

       Individual watermark images and borders can be defined for each print-channel

       Completely changed and high quality print-preview windows

        Instant visual feedback for many graphic setup-options

       New Load balancing option allows shared printing through multiple printers

       Incomplete or corrupted print channel setups do no more accidently overwrite former almost perfect setups

       Many further minor improvements and bug fixes

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