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You are facing one or more of these challenges ?  


!AutoPrint automatically prints nearly any printable file, including many standard bitmap graphic file types, if preferred without any user interaction.

How AutoPrint works: 


AutoPrint runs on your desktop or in the background on a local computer or on a central Windows server system. Locally or on any LAN-connected computer one or more special file input folders are assigned. Each folder is dedicated as an input file container for one of these printers. Multiple folders for one singular printer with different driver settings are also possible. Any of these folders may be defined as public share to make it accessible for file by any operating system within the local or remote network. 

Some user-application now sends a file to be printed (like Invoice.pdf or unbuntuapp.prn) into one or more of these folders.

AutoPrint will pick up these files and send them to the corresponding printer or screen and finally delete or store them.

If the storing destination leads to another pre-defined folder the files are transferred to the next printer and so on.

Raw print-files (like *.prn or any other) have to be built for a certain printer type. That means, the generating application has to deal printers internal language first!

Solution: Let AutoPrint do all these jobs.

Unleashed parallel processing power