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AutoPrint Free

The unregistered version includes a free license which activates the application for up to 25 multi-page print-jobs per day.
In the service mode it processes an unlimited number of jobs, while adding an evaluation logo-stamp on each page.
Almost all features are enabled, which opens the opportunity to test AutoPrint before upgrading to a higher license level.

Please always thoroughly test AutoPrint with the free license level within your individual system environment before upgrading your license.

License comparison chart







Permanent license     unit price    volume discounts available  

0 US$

35 US$

89 US$

Prints bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, tif and png bitmap image files

Prints multi-page tif files

Prints native text files, like txt, log

Prints raw binary print files, like bin or prn

Prints pdf and html files through integrated rendering engines

Prints the contents of zip files if they belong to one or more of the above
listed file types types

Prints from MS OneDrive or Google Drive synchronized folders

Add barcode or QR-code objects (static text and/or filename)

 Maximum number of print channels




Maximum number of print-jobs per day - before entering a demo mode




Operates as unattended Windows service

demo mode only

demo mode only

Command-line parameters to control print channel activity
(in application mode only)



Get your license through our sales partner Paddle (UK).
Paddle provides instant key delivery, many payment and currency options. While Paddle is your dedicated sales business contact, all technical items are still being handled by 4-Tech-Engineering.

Important notes:
The license key covers all current AutoPrint release versions from 8.5.1 and above.
If you are upgrading from a licensed former release version just use your 3-lines code-set.
If you like to unlock a former release version please contact us for a 3-lines code-set.




AutoPrint Standard  and AutoPrint Professional

The license upgrades unlock additional features and remove certain limitations (see the comparison chart below).
One registered license covers the installation on one and only one computer or network server or one virtual machine.
With the license purchase you both value the the design effort and further support the continuous development of the AutoPrint project.

The license upgrade remains valid for unlimited time. All future version updates within this license level will be available for free.

Support Plan

There is no formal support plan included in the license upgrade. Nevertheless the team with 4-Tech-Engineering is always happy receiving your suggestions or queries, no matter which license is active. Please also feel free to contact us whenever help is needed during installation or upgrade. We usually respond within 48 hrs on working days.